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A lot of people preach the concept of waking up early to lead a healthy and better life. There is absolutely no doubt about the fact that waking up early not only makes a person really sorted in terms of their work but also paves for adopting healthy living standards. Our entire body cycle changes for good and syncs according to the natural timing of the sun. But waking up early in the morning is a really hard task and the amount of work and pressure makes it harder to wake up on time. Waking up early does not necessarily account for sleeping on time. It requires a calculated sleep in such a manner that the body gets enough rest and still agrees to wake up on time.

The first step to waking up on time is to sleep when tired and not before it. The cycle should be fixed in such a way that the sleeping and waking time is the same for every day. People usually count the sleeping hours and do not see the time as a result of which the cycle keeps changing every day and the body is unable to adapt to one. Therefore, it is crucial to fix these hours and try to maintain this cycle every day.

Playing tricks with the alarm clock is equally important. Nobody really wakes up with the alarm clock, it is snoozed again and again. The alarm clock should always be kept at a distance and the alarm tone should be loud enough. The presence of an alarm clock within the reach of a person does not facilitate the movement and the snooze button gets pressed pretty easily. However, if the alarm clock is at a distance, the person will have to wake up and get up from the bed in order to fetch it. Activities like going on a walk before sleeping and reading books help get a good sleep and wake up with a fresh and motivated mind.