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Whatever we have today is a gift and a result of the hard work that we put into the tasks that we are allotted every day. There is so much that we can achieve but there are so many diversions that can make us reach the wrong routes and achieve things in a malicious way. If any commodity is associated with a value, then the commodity is taken utter care of. This is a true fact of life that can be extended to almost everything, we do not value a person if the person is not readily available for us during our sorrows. Any product that fails to fulfill our satisfaction is termed as incompetent. The constant ranting about things is an endless task that goes on in life.

What we barely do is the task of appreciating things and deciphering their true meaning in our lives. We as individuals barely know and think about all the people that we love and respect, we fail to express our emotions and tell our loved ones about how we feel about them because either we are too scared or we do not find the right opportunity to tell them the truth. The most complicated network in life is that of valuing things and associating a certain amount to them. The value does not only mean a monetary hold that is assigned to a particular thing it can also account for all the feelings and emotions that we associate with a particular product or a person during a passage of time. We need to develop traits wherein we can appreciate and be thankful for all the things that we have at present without forming a list of all the things that we want.

Sometimes in order to get something we need to inspect and watch the things that we have at present and the thing that we want in our future so that the gap between the two can be bridged. Some things pave our way only when we get to know about the value of what we have. We cannot afford a lifestyle wherein there is an endless urge to buy things and accumulate resources just for the sake of it, a cavernous lifestyle is not the right measure of calculating someone’s importance. It is just an index of a person’s greed.

We must be indebted to God for this wonderful life and we must ensure that we help each other grow alongside a sense of thankfulness and positivity all around.