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In the harsh realities that we face every day. Things start getting complicated. We need a lot of things that are not actually required but the materialistic wants in us make us buy the things for the better good that we want for ourselves. There are so many cases, wherein people lead a fictitious life altogether trying to fit in the fabricated world that is created in the mind which is full of things that we need. The world is dependent on good ideas that come from great souls. But in the course of life, we need to be strong and flexible at the same time as leather.

Leather has characteristic features of being strong and flexible too. It has great versatility that makes it useful for endless things that are necessary for the daily run. The problems in daily lives make us stronger for the greater good. But if there is rigidity in thoughts then nothing can be done in a proper manner. There is a reason people do not prefer to be amongst the people who are too strong but do not understand the emotional context of things. We tend to exacerbate things for no reason at all and complicate our life further by comparing it with other people and their lifestyles. An incipient fact about leather is the utility that it provides. The things that are made from it are of great strength yet they mold easily as per the shape that is required. If people start dealing with everything without involving emotions and just being logical about things. Then the world will become a brutal battle place with people striving to be selfish from all the ends. Being strong involves a person to fight their wars but in a way that does not hurt the other people around. Recidivism must be avoided in all ways, else the double amount of efforts are required to rise above. The gritty achievements must be paved as a benchmark but there is a different kind of strength that is required in every new situation. The volition during analyzing things must be done by considering all the circumstances.

Rigidity in thoughts restricts a person beyond compare. Being kind and strong together is a combination that is hard to attain. People must be careful of not getting hurt but should never refrain from helping others as well.