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We often see a lot of people preaching the concept of perfect and it becomes our goal to be perfect in every sense. A lot of people try hard to fit-in according to the perfect standards created by some people. Be it in terms of personality, size or external beauty. However, everyone is so different at each level that one cannot expect everyone to fit in one standard in every domain. Yet, people go low when they compare themselves to these people and their ideas of beauty. If one has to think of these things, then they must create their own standards as per their characteristics.

Comparing oneself with other’s attributes is the harshest thing that they can do to reach a new level of low confidence. Everyone is messy, clumsy and weird in their own little way. What the people show to the world is not their life but a part of their life that is attractive and happy. It is impossible for a person to remain happy and be on good terms with life all the time. It is illogical to feel inadequate in life due to some other person who is not even well-versed with the equations in one’s life. We need to celebrate our flaws and imperfections and be the person we were born. Everyone here is a victim of comparison but the ones who know how to make it their unique characteristics are the ones who survive and thrive in their lifecycle. Do not get influenced by others, it is necessary to be one’s own influencer and guide oneself to their road of success and not the others.