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The things that we overlook as simple and ordinary, we usually take them for granted which are truly wondrous! The wonders of the world attract people from different parts of the countries to narrate their stories and display its architectural impressions. Are these wonders more important than the existing wonders we have in us?

How many of us stop and introspect that we have wonders beyond the wonders of the world within our own self? Look around, you can see many people who are not blessed with all the abilities you have. With your eyes, you can see the beautiful world around you. With your ears, you can hear the sounds of nature. You can smell the fragrance of the flowers. We have all the wonders of the world that reside in us but instead of marvelling our own wonders, we get amazed at the wonders of the world which are made by us.

We want our communities to utilize their resources properly so that no one would go through any crucial condition. And, if this starts to happen there’s no doubt that our life will flourish, and the hymns of freedom will spread amongst everyone in this world. That world would celebrate itself every day for the true wonders that live in us and will be called one big FAMILY. Because we are the ones who matter. This world is YOU, ME and US…