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We start everything from the bottom and there cannot be a high rise immediately without thinking about the steps that are to be taken in order to climb the stairs that reach the destination. Throughout our lives, all we see is the endpoint and the happiness that we get by dreaming of being there at the endpoint but what we do not imagine is the happiness that is to be witnessed at every point of climbing the stairs. In the end, the journey is more intriguing than the destination and perhaps that is the real essence of life.

We just hype the destination so much that we stop living the intermediate steps that are to be witnessed while going to the destination otherwise the destination will hold no importance. Nothing can be achieved in a single go, a cake that is eaten in entirely one bite will not be able to justify its flavors and taste properly, each bite is to be savored and enjoyed to the core so that in the end one is able to form a detailed and correct opinion about the cake. Success needs to be mapped by the baby steps that are to be taken in order to reach it. If any problem is received all of a sudden and not resolved until the end then it does more damage than if the problem is resolved as and when obtained to reduce the overall impact. Small steps make the effort seem easier and the overall momentum of doing the work is maintained to such a level that there exist no qualms about the destination. One needs to stop the idee-fixe that is developed to achieve everything all together. Everything is to be achieved at a certain time and for that, a person needs to work hard and ensure that all the pre-requisites are met. The undulating situations must be seen as hurdles and not a full stop. The good thing about hurdles is that even though they slow the pace but once a hurdle is encountered, it gives a boost to solve the other hurdles and there is a sense of confidence that gets built.

Little things in life make a humungous difference in the end. It is these little efforts that make a person reach heights due to the consistent nature and timely solving of things in a proper way. The things that life has to offer have to be solved through these baby steps but one must keep in mind that every now and then even a baby tends to fall and get hurt but that does not mean that the baby would not get up and stop walking altogether. Slow and steady makes everyone win it all.