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There are a billion ways of doing a task but the one that includes creativity is the most important. Creativity unleashes the inner artist that persuades one to do the thing that they feel is the best. We are all genetically different therefore there will always be a factor like a nuance that will separate us from the others in a unique way. Creativity is not just painting or drawing. It is about doing a basic task like cleaning a table with the utmost precision and taking into account the different factors that make it worth it and different from all the other tables. One common misconception that people associate with creativity is the fact that it cannot be implemented in every field. Every way in which a person weighs out all the things that make a task critical, appealing and better put to use his creativity.

Not all people are good at drawing, yet they are creative. The real challenge of being creative is the task of implanting the imagination into a real-life standing feature. There are no qualms about the fact that doing a task creatively might be time-consuming and a bit more complicated than the other options available. However, creativity yields output that stands-out and work for a longer period of time. The satisfaction that a person gets when work is done with creativity is surreal. Not only is it one in a million but also done with careful precision and love. The things that are hand-made or designed on our own are always valuable. The journey of designing one’s own website, outfit or anything basic is altogether different. This also facilitates a great amount of learning and doing mistakes that can be rectified. Real experiences are gained by trying out things on one’s own and an experienced person is always remembered and respected because of the afflatus that can be imparted later.

In any aspect of life, if one does things with a dull mind, things would not be working in a good way. Love is always reciprocated with love and creativity is a way wherein people can see a person’s love and efforts that are put in.