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It is wisely said that the world has enough for man’s need but not for man’s greed and if everyone just keeps on aiming to get more of everything, things might get unattainable. There is no limit to what an individual can buy as long as the way he buys it is legal. There must be a stage wherein one should attain fulfillment of everything. Being greedy is not the way of leading life with morality. There can be so many possibilities to what should be done in order to get to this path of attaining fulfillment.

The idea starts with keeping a goal that should remain fixed throughout life. This goal should serve as the ultimatum of the desires that one aims to achieve. Keeping this goal in mind, one should work towards the possibility of achieving this in an efficient way in less time. The whereabouts of the situation lie with the fact that things should be taken in the right spirit. As soon as everything is achieved, the cycle of fulfillment should begin. It involves being thankful for everything that we have gained by the virtue of hard work, there should not be any competition with other people for bragging the resources. Things should be collected to fulfill a desire and not to accumulate to be left without use. If anything is not used for a span of a year, there are rare chances of using it again.

A minimalist approach should be followed. The mind should generate a feeling of being content. There is one thing that should be considered while attaining fulfillment is the fact that there is no going back once this process starts. There is a reason people preach this concept at a later stage of life to prevent the yen from achieving thing die at a young age. A lot of people do not really believe in accumulating many resources or leading a cavernous life. All they need is basic amenities to enjoy and survive the day. These people practice the fulfillment guide at an early stage and lead a simple life.