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Things can take a twisted turn when we face a problem. People always get sad about problems rather than eliminating them quickly from life. This is what distinguishes an optimistic person who takes everything as a challenge and tries to eliminate the negatives as soon as possible. There is no turning back once a problem is encountered. The first step is to assess the problem and its causes and then work towards a plan to resolve it once and for all.

Assessing a problem requires 4 major steps to promote speedy and effective solutions:

1. Assessing the problem’s complexity: Not all the problems turn out to be extremely serious and so there are different levels of seriousness and control required as per the problem. Studying the causes of the problem turns out to be an important step here.

2. Converting Feelings into Words: Half of the time is taken to decipher the problem and convert the enormous feelings involved in words and make sense out of it. Words can solve half of the problem, as calculative it might sound but everything gets better when it is solved like a mathematical numerical with the missing variables and the given variables set apart.

3. Staying Rational and then Intuitive: A problem needs to be solved with both the mind and the heart. Even if they give different answers, a common ground must be searched for and then the entire situation should be aimed to be resolved.

4. Setting a deadline: If a problem is dragged on for too long, it becomes more complex and frustrating. A bugging issue must always have an ultimatum by within which it should be solved properly.