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The world may not have the answers to all our questions immediately, but it should not stop us from asking them in the first place. The thinking process should never be affected by this. There need to be a constant yen for aiming to do things in a much more peaceful manner. We should not just accept everything that is served to us. It is necessary to know things beyond that. Maximum things are abstracted and encapsulated in a way that only the functionality is visible and everything else remains oblivious which may make us satisfied temporarily but there will always be questions raising every now and then.

Questioning clarifies the thoughts and differentiates between what is understood and what is not. We often think that we know a lot of things but in reality, we do not. We just grasp the superficial understanding and try to make peace with it. Not having answers to certain questions is all right. However, everything is answered in due time without even budging on it. Questioning also comes out a reaction when we disagree with certain things because we do not think a certain way. Over the course of time, there is a habit that gets inculcated. There is a difference between respecting others and questioning people. A lot of people do not question their seniors because they feel they would be offended and henceforth disrespected. Restraining oneself from asking things would complicate things and never boost the inner confidence that is needed. Thinking about the repercussions is a task that overshadows the process. Logical deductions are a better way of aiming to solve things. The prompter we solve things, the better are the chances of staying focused and lively in life. Asking the right questions is important and it starts by asking questions and then filtering them according to the situation that is presented.

Everyone makes mistakes and it is wise to do everything to avoid making the same ones in the future. Isn’t that right?