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Look around everywhere, and all you will see are a bunch of humans running, walking, lost and surviving everything that is thrown at them in life. Everyone is so different in terms of looks, culture and the language that they speak. However, everyone witnesses the same thing and they can feel it without even conveying it to another person. We are glad to be a part of this wonderful world, but some days make us question every bit of the turmoil that we witness. Yet with every complex thing happening around the world, we survive.

There are so many people striving their best by doing things for humanity. To take care of the planet, our mother earth is our responsibility but the thought never pinches us. There are people who remind us of this duty of ours that we have to do in order to live. There are organizations working for the welfare of the people in different corners of the world. These are the people who keep the balance of things in the world on the positive side. It is so important for people to be surrounded by positivity all around. There is no way we can strive to be good if there is no balance that is constructed anywhere.

We need to learn to be better humans and keep the faith of people alive in humanity. In the wake of all the people who have done something extraordinary to keep the love of the people reach heights rather than spreading hatred, it must be ensured that these people are given their due importance and remembered. Their work should not stop for the world is in need of a lot of love and humanity. There are places where the peace of people is being disturbed and there is so much suffering being witnessed. We need to listen to these people and speak for them when they clearly cannot. The people around us are no competition, they are fighting wars just like us and they need our support as well.

We need to appreciate people for who they are, and we need to accept the different characteristics they carry. The world would be a boring place if everyone would have portrayed the same values. We need to find a common ground for all our troubles and keep the faith in humanity alive by reciprocating the same to the others. Together we can achieve the impossible.