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Not all people are born extra-ordinary, maximum people on the planet are average in every sense and still live a satisfactory life. The chase in life is all about leading towards a luxurious way of living. The thing about an average human being is the fact that they tend to merge with the crowd rather than standing out because for them standing out means being the odd one out which grabs a lot of attention and they are not here to grab that attention.

There are only two kinds of people who are always remembered- the ones who are extraordinarily good at things and the ones who are infamous to ruin things in every way, the average human being never really makes a lasting impression on the minds of other people because they like being within the created boundary that has been formed along. Breaking barriers and coming out of the box with breakthrough ideas makes people remember a person for the deeds. Escaping the ordinary is not everyone’s cup of tea, it requires challenging the inner soul and being uncomfortable in various situations to set a new bar every time. However, there must not be an added pressure to outshine others and demean them in any way. It is necessary to shine in life, but it should always be on the basis of one’s merit and hard work and not by pulling the other person down and superseding.

Always trying to make a mark and proceed towards doing something that is different from what the others do. An average person shows the traits that would involve surviving to the brim within the stated window that is set by the others. There are no worries that an average person would be able to serve a decent life for the most part of life. However, one wrong step can push the person to a very vulnerable situation which can only be solved when a person stands out.