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When life is in turmoil nothing makes more sense than a person’s inner voice that guides one to places where no one else can. We always seek people to help us and if that does not happen, we go on getting sad because we have no one to turn to. But the real fact always remains intact that in life no matter where one goes, there is no one that can help better than one’s inner soul. No matter how awful the situation gets, one can always rely on it without worrying about any tantrums or unavailability. If one does not feel right from the inside then no matter what the others have to say, the person would not adapt to the situation despite a thousand voices compelling the person to do otherwise.

The inner voice gives a calm way to deal with situations and comes up with a better and strategical view because it feels the gravity of the situation and acts accordingly. Therefore, it is a mix of intellect and emotions that makes things go on a smoother level. Listening to the others is not the problem but getting manipulated by them, in the long run, is an issue and there will be no one else to blame but oneself. It is important to study the situations before coming up with any inference. Prejudiced opinions are scary for a person’s growth towards their goals. There is no harm in relying on others when nothing makes sense, but the final decision should always depend on what the conscious has to say. There is no growth without learning to adapt through situations and come up with a dynamic approach to deal with the problems. Everyone goes through a fair share of troubles and with that they need to evolve. The ones who do not change suffer hugely. Life is all about survival of the fittest and dynamism is the only thing that helps alongside. Excessively bombarding the brain with thoughts does not help in any way, it just leads to a lot of over-thinking and the development of insecurities that stifle the growth of the person.