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There is no revealing of the fact that change is the only constant. There are so many takes to the same situations with some minor changes, but unfortunately, real life does not offer retakes. This needs to be settled by comprehending the way in which things work out. For any person, it becomes a knackered task to try to run life according to the rules that we built for ourselves so the only thing that can be done is to bring about dynamism in the way we proceed with life.

Adjusting to changes does not have to include willingly dropping things that a person likes. There is a need for a certain maturity level that needs to be built to compensate for the undulating wave of life. There is no scope of a respite while thinking of things in life because life never stops for anyone no matter how much people beg for it. Being adaptive is necessary for any domain. If people start bringing out their own nuances and disagree to cooperate with one another then no task will be able to be accomplished.
There is a lacuna that is prevalent if life and feelings go on two separate paths. A common ground must be searched for to remove the ineffable sadness that seeps through. Growth is a result of adjusting to changes in every circumstance. There are a lot of things that seem to be too complicated in the beginning but once a person sits down and gathers the grit to analyze and pursue the task. The labyrinth goes on getting easier and predictable. Such is the beauty of life and all its attributes. It brings about different perspectives like the colors of a rainbow, each with its own meaning. But a rainbow is beautiful only when all the colors are witnessed.

One must be open-minded and try to see the beauty in everything. Small adjustments are always necessary for something big that paves the way. The only thing that a person is required to do is to open his eyes and see the beauty unfold and never let any opportunity pass by. Regret should never be an element of one’s mind.