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Life is an interconnection of people, places, feelings, and things. In order to live it to the fullest, one must find the perfect combination of all these elements to reduce the monotony. It is necessary to proceed to a path where things are lively not from the exoteric view but also from the internal aspect. Although enticing things may not be the best ones, one must take the right amount of calculated risk to lower the chances of falling to a trap state.

What really matters is choosing the right set of elements to ensure that there is no null set involved that leads to negativity. A lot of people unknowingly complicate their lives by thinking that it would make their lives better, but the truth lies in the fact that we cannot fill our set with everything. There are a lot of places where we must learn to compromise and think about others as well. Money is not the real power in life. There have been a lot of great people who have proven the fact time and again.

What it really takes to be remembered is to bring about a change that no one dares to put forth. No one else is responsible for ruining or building our lives except us. It is us who own the remote, however, we must ensure that no one else gets hold of this remote and start controlling our lives. It is integral to differentiate between a threat and a savior in terms of everyone and everything that we witness. A lot of people willingly enter in our lives to bring about turmoil, but the storm must be faced with a strategic plan rather than an escape.

Life is a blank canvas and it is us who add the color to it. The palette of colors is available to everyone, but the painting varies for everyone. If we live our life trying to copy someone else’s painting, then it would be wasted as nobody wishes to buy copied stuff. We must understand the real meaning of all the colors and ensure that we are not colorblind.