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There are so many temporary things in our life including the entire tenure of life. Everything changes with its due time and eventually subdues as it is supposed to. It is the law of nature to incorporate changes and move ahead in life by accepting those changes. Seasons change, time changes and so does every being that is a part of this ecosystem. With the course of time, we incorporate some major changes which are observable and some minor which are barely noticed by us. All these changes form a major part of who we are currently.

Changes can be scary because they have the parlous ability to mold things in an altogether different format that might not be too settling for us. Change brings along a lot many uncertain feelings that make us unsure and feel uncomfortable regarding whatever is happening all along. We need to subdue the subtleties of life and challenge ourselves to be able to adapt to these situations because in order to move forward we have to be with the flow of change rather than opposing it. Change brings about so many things that are actually good for us and if we go on resisting these things we will be at loss. Our body renews its cells every few days facilitating change although we might not visibly witness this, it is so essential to progress and be fine.

Imagine the cells resisting this change, it will only lead to chaos that would lead to no conclusion. Although there are no qualms that change is not very welcoming initially, one gradually learns to adapt eventually and in the end, everything becomes bearable. One must welcome changes and learn to lead a life where a tenacious bond does not become a restricting feature of a person. There are things that one can do to overcome this habit of clinging on one thing for long. The best way is to develop a way in which the real value of things is realized however, there is no dependency formed on a particular thing or a person to sustain in life.

We can function without dependencies, although it is hard life goes on. There is no stopping and there is nothing we can do to alter the basic rules of life. We need to put forth our differences aside and enjoy the moment that makes us who we are.