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There are so many people striving and competing among themselves to make a mark. And with this competition comes the additional responsibility of dealing with the insecurities that pop up while seeing the others. There are so many things that people tend to be confident about and their showing off makes the other people maunder about to achieve the same thing. We do not realize that there is a ton of difference between the people involved and we also have certain characteristics that the other people may be insecure about. The cycle of insecurity develops feelings of jealousy which are eventually converted to hatred and so the entire cycle just leads to the propagation of negativity all around.

There exists so much comparing and being so conscious about external beauty that we forget about concentrating on the internal one. We start hallucinating of the defined perfection that we see everywhere but what we do not see is the amount of effort and morphing that goes in to make things look perfect even when they are not. No matter what we do there is always a scope of doing better and this yen makes us greedy for more in the long run. The only solution to this endless cycle is to accept oneself for the individuals we are.

Rather than finding flaws in oneself, one should find the good things that make us who we are and distinguish us from the myriads of people that exist in the world. We need to stop seeing other people as a competition and instead of being jealous or shaming them, we should appreciate them for who they are. Nobody needs a social validation to be successful or happy. There is no authority that can sanction any individual as perfect. Perfect is what we make out of it. We need to embrace our flaws and live with them peacefully. There should always be a yen to beautify the inner self that makes a person better and helps in standing out from the crowd and setting an example for everyone else.

We need to learn to be happy and live our lives cheerfully instead of stressing out and changing ourselves for the others. We are what we are and there is no modification that is needed from anyone’s end to seek approval from anyone else.