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There is so much that nature has to offer yet we confine ourselves to the artificial structures that we make. It is so ironical that humans are building spaces that take inspiration from nature yet only a few values the real beauty that our nature has to offer. There are so many things that nature can amaze us with. It is never too enough to see the beauty that nature offers. If one speculates enough, there are so many reasons to enjoy the gnomic beauty.

The greenery that draws a palette of beautiful colors that would not fit in anyone’s canvas. The freshness in the air with the rhythmic sounds of chirping birds and the blues of the sky cannot match anything. There is a gap in our lives without appreciating these things that are present around us. There is so much to learn from the simplicity of things. One need not be extraordinary to make a mark in any domain. The nectar of the fruits stands symbolic of the result of the hard work that is put to any task. One must not think about the size and shape of the result but enjoy what it has to offer. No flower tries to outshine any other. They try to amplify each other’s colors by blooming to their own colors and forming a beautiful gradient that has endless combinations. There is no limit to the wonderful species of flora and fauna that form a garland like a figure to our lives. They provide an aesthetic view of everything that is present.

There is so much that we need to imbibe in our daily lives from what we see around. Instead of creating artificial environments, we should be more observant of nature. There is an urgent need for sustaining things so that our future generations can also relish this beauty. The kinetic magic of the way things proceed right from their onset and work towards their own destination by crossing each other’s timeline and yet not forgetting the goal that they have to reach towards. It is breathtaking that needs nothing but letting things go in the way they are. Nature offers resistance too, but it resolves its own troubles without any human interference.

It is important to cross paths with nature every now and then and witness the stunning features it has to offer without taking anything in return. It is important to cherish what we have until we have it.