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It is so intriguing at times to imagine the part that we play in this enormous universe. The Earth forms a dot in the extravagant Universe, a small ball of dust in the way of millions of galaxies, celestial bodies, black holes, and foreign objects and yet everything we think of is conveniently fitted inside the world that we know of. All our troubles and happiness, the things we think about the entire day are of this world and not of the oblivion outside. If we begin to imagine what this universe has for us, things are going to get surprising and a great epiphany to a lot of people.

Within this part of the universe are the beautiful snow-capped mountains and the rivers flowing distances acting like life saviors and building up plains with the green pastures vivifying the picturesque view. It is also a part of all the sorrows, jealousy, hurting and killing with people suffering at the hand of others and the mother nature suffering due to its children. All the emotions that can be fathomed are just a part of this universe and the rest is unknown. There is so much enthusiasm to find out the details about the other side, yet there is nothing known. And with this struggle, we forget that the world we live in is the only one known to us now that supports things that the others do not. How fortunate are we to be a part of this world out of all, one world that has it all and yet we are here? Exploiting everything to damage the world that makes us witness so much. A world that is gravitating towards the evil with terrorism, pollution, and hatred at its peak. Just a speck of dirt in the path of the everything that we know of. It is the end to the horizon which still holds a curtain to what lies beyond it. Maybe the future is written or maybe it can lead to regrets and things going in vain because there is not anything like this one. Cherish this part.