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We have a lot of people who claim to be our friends. These are the people who do not ask for anything in return to help us in any situation at any time. They stick with us in times of crisis and ensure that we are put together. In these situations, they scrutinize the problems and help us understand the gravity of the situation without judging us or evincing the situation to someone else. But everyone who claims to be our friend does not necessarily do the aforesaid.

It is important to figure out if the friendship is real or just for the sake of it. There are so many people in our lives who are just there, but they do not really have an impact on our situations or life in general. Their presence does not affect us in a huge way. But there is a significant lacuna that is created when our real friends do not reach out to us. Their gestures and demeanor affect us in a way that alters our mood for the day. Real friends are important because they will point out our flaws and put them in a very friendly manner to ensure that we are not hurt but we figure out our mistakes as well. Only real friends will point out if there is dirt on our face and they will help us clean it. The real value of these people is understood in situations of utter crisis when nothing is as per our convenience or expectations. Life is a motley of various scenarios that give a very functional output but if the balance is shifted towards one side, the entire output gets labile. Whinging constantly without acting upon the situation is a baseless reason to slow down one’s growth. Problems are like stones in a river, the more we try to accumulate them, the slower the river gets. The Elysian feeling of being with friends adds charm to life and makes problems look small in the whole context. They are the buttress to our wall who not only support us but uplift us.

In order to lead a better life, we must draw a fine line between who is genuinely there for us and who is not. We should not expect people to rescue us. It is an axiomatic fact that people who do not care enough for others will not step out of their comfort zones to help another person. We must learn to find the real ones in the world where fictitious exists.