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The road to the destination is not easy, it is filled with things and hurdles that are beyond the expectations of a person. These hurdles can be big or small. Sometimes full of emotions and with these emotions are a series of events that are associated that bring about the wrath in a person. The road towards the destination involves a person to carry the load of whatever is witnessed and take it as a lesson to learn from. The weight of these things brings one down and slows down the entire pace. But the speed must not be halted altogether.

No matter how bad the circumstances get, there should never be a full stop made in the journey. Halt alters the entire course of the journey, and it takes more time to resume the work and pace up with the momentum. The pace that is set initially is best maintained if it is covered up. There is a difference between putting a break and stopping altogether. If there is congestion on the road, it is wise to slow down and act as per the traffic. But the stop not only affects one person but all the others following behind. The road is never stable, it is a series of fast and slow motions, but what matters, in the long run, is to reach the destination without worrying about the congestion and the resistance offered by the path. If there is a will to work towards the path, then no one in the world can ruin the things for anyone.

It is said that one must not go gentle into the night but rage against the things that slow one down. It is not easy to proceed but it is definitely not easy to stop and restart with all the competition and the pressure that is constantly building upon people.